Lumina Academy

Empowering the powerless through education.

Our Team

Angie Ki – Founder and Executive Director

Angie Ki, while Malaysian – born, is a US citizen, and serves as a global citizen with an International Business degree from the University of Toledo, Ohio. She is taking time off from her successful career in real estate sales, building, and development, along with her husband Wilson, to spearhead MMI of Malaysia.

With experience gleaned from their business background, she believes in building a medical platform that is self sustaining with a long term growth plan in mind , coordinating the MMI global medical program with local partnerships to serve the poor in Asia. Angie is using her language skills , her international business knowledge and her construction management skill and experience to serve our Lord through MMI.

Angie Ki is certified by QENO (Quality Enhancement for Nonprofit Organizations) Nonprofit Leadership Institute of University of North Carolina Wilmington in Board Governance. She also served 3 years as Vice President for Amigos International. She presently serves as a National Director for Medical Ministry International and as a Commissioner for Sister Cities of Wilmington.

For over 20 years, Angie Ki has been a business woman, volunteered in numerous nonprofit organizations, and acted as consultant in many of her areas of expertise . In her most important role, however, she is a mother and mentor for her two children , both currently attending colleges on full scholarships .

Wilson Ki – Co-Founder and Chief Information Officer

Wilson Ki, who holds both an MBA and a degree in computer science and engineering, was born in Hong Kong and has dual citizenship in Hong Kong and the US. He worked for multi -national corporations as a computer engineer for 13 years before leaving to start his own business in 1997. As president of Home Life, Inc. his new home building and development company, Wilson expanded his knowledge, skills and expertise. His company has completed numerous housing developments, from affordable first-time housing to palatial custom homes.

Wilson is a keen student of theology and comparative religions and is also interested in the study of the Hebrew language, as well as other foreign languages. His interest in learning has led to an interest in sharing that knowledge as an instructor. In addition, he and an associate have created a program designed to mentor young people as they learn the skills of the game of tennis. Learning and sharing knowledge are keystones of his everyday life.

With the experience of his own humble background, Wilson knows the only way to get children out of poverty is through education. He also believes all people can make a difference in the lives of others. He has confidence in the strength of the US educational system which has produced young people who started Yahoo, Google, YouTube, Twitter, Microsoft, Apple, and other technological advances. With the technology available today, Wilson wants to empower underprivileged children around the globe through educational opportunities.

Board of Directors

Attorney Gary Grantham

Attorney Gary B. Grantham is a results-oriented registered patent attorney with a broad range of experience and legal expertise, especially involving intellectual property law and litigation. He also holds degrees in engineering, electronics and computer technology. His expertise has led him to positions in the corporate world, military service, and in the legal arena, as adviser and litigator. His knowledge and skills cover web-based intellectual property issues as well as those of print materials. He is ideally suited to help navigate the issues of on-line distance learning.

Dr. Ying Wang

Ying Wang is an Assistant Professor of Education at Northwestern College in Minnesota. She completed her Ph.D. degree in Instructional Systems Technology at Indiana University Bloomington, Master of Science degree in New Media at Indiana University Indianapolis, Master of Education degree in Early Childhood Education at the University of Georgia in US, and Bachelor of Arts degree in English Language at Shandong University in China. Ying is passionate about assisting learners at all age levels to achieve the best learning outcomes through intelligent use of technology. She is honored to be on the Lumina Academy team to use her expertise in providing a quality education to children all over the world.


Betsy Parker – Student Care Coordinator

Betsy’s most recent work has been as a customer service director, construction coordinator and as administrative support in sales. She also brings her earlier background in social services to Lumina Academy. A New Jersey certified school social worker, she served in school systems in a number of positions working to help students succeed in school and building supportive environments in their homes. She created and administered parent involvement programs, prepared and presented in-service and other training sessions, facilitated services for the children and their families, provided information and support to teachers regarding the children and their needs, worked with the child study team to create educational plans for referred children, and facilitated communication between the school, parents and children, and the wider community. She also worked with migrant populations in the schools, providing necessary support to their families, helping them make connections for services and supporting the children’s success in school. Once she became a parent, she worked in her son’s school district as a classroom volunteer to provide teacher support for 4 years.

She has further social services experience in developmental disabilities and psychiatric programs, child protective services and welfare quality assurance, as well as experience running her own small business. She has an understanding of both the sociological and administrative elements of education.