Lumina Academy

Empowering the powerless through education.

Welcome to Lumina Academy — a unique, global educational school system comprised of three branches: the United States’ Educational Curriculum, Lumina Academy’s online learning platform, and Lumina Academy’s distance learning “partnership” centers. The integration of the three provides under-privileged and under-served children from Asia to Africa with a chance to learn and grow beyond the limits of their circumstances.

Who are we?

Lumina Academy is a non-profit organization and distance learning school with the objective of helping children in need escape the bonds of poverty and hopelessness by providing quality education, life skills and values, while enriching them in an innovative learning community. Our students are urban poor, indigenous populations, refugees, orphans, and other marginalized groups.

What do we teach?

Lumina Academy offers a host of online courses based on the American kindergarten to 12th grade school system. Our unique feature is the option for full-time or part-time enrollment to better fit each student’s life circumstances.

What do we believe?

The famous proverb from Kenya says it well: “Until lions learn to write, the hunters will tell their story for them.”

We seek to prevent poverty and/or disenfranchisement from causing any child to miss the opportunity to grow and succeed. We meet each child at his/her individual level by providing the knowledge for which each is ready and the support necessary to help each one achieve, grow, love, and learn, so each may become a productive adult with options in the global world.

What is our mission?

Develop an accredited online educational platform in order to lower the cost-per-student and maximize the number of students receiving and exposed to a high quality education.

What is our vision?

To provide accredited, high-quality, and comprehensive education for the maximum number of disenfranchised children world-wide.

The Benefits

Lumina Academy provides proven, cutting edge multimedia education solutions with global language captions that deliver exceptional active learning outcomes, including enhanced learning experience, increased retention and completion rates, as well as higher ROI.

With our distance learning platform, we not only are able to engage more students in more ways, improve partner center teachers’ quality but are also able to extend the boundaries of the physical classroom, and much more.

With our live interaction capability, we can foster social networking around the globe and connect our students to the global network of volunteer students.

What we are looking for

Lumina Academy is seeking collaborative efforts with NGOs, corporations, charity foundations and community leaders to help build a sustainable, cost-effective means of enabling children to reach their full potential via this education-without-boundaries platform.

Why global mentoring will work

Because unprivileged children around the globe lack role models to look up to and success plans are rarely in place while they are young. They live against all odds and without volunteer students from across America, they stand no chance or hope in their adult life.

Our mentoring program consists of scheduled cyber appointments each week with our mentor high school or college students in a close safe environment to help these children walk through their crossroads.

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